Community Facilitator Vacancy

Part-time role 30 hours
(4 days per week)

Creativity with a little bit of chaos are a given as our organization rises to meet the challenges of a different future.  We are collaborating to build effective partnerships with other organizations and diverse groups of people.

If this sounds like you and you believe in empowering communities to support each other…. then read on!

Wellington Catholic Social Services (CSS) is looking for a resourceful, persistent and energetic human to join our team to take on and develop the role of Community Facilitator.

This role covers some key tasks:

  • Identify, develop and lead any new projects that enable CSS to reach into the community to achieve our mandate to work effectively on the margins.
  • Work alongside our parishes to identify projects that focus on the issues of poverty and marginalization.
  • Lead out the Archdiocese response to Refugee Re-settlement in the Wellington Region in partnership with our key partners
  • Identify, develop and support Volunteer opportunities

This role requires knowledge and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching; strong interpersonal and administrative skills; patience and determination.

For a copy of the role description, please email:  or phone 043858642

Community Facilitator Vacancy

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