Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a robust educational programme from Australia, helping people of all ages to process experiences of trauma, loss and grief.

Seasons for Growth has been running successfully In NZ for over 20 years, and the licence is with Archbishop Cardinal John Dew. It works on the peer support principal and reflects St Mary MacKillop’s call: “Never see a need without trying to do something about it.” 

Participants appreciate the peer group setting for safe sharing of their experiences and the discovery of their own resources in the grief process in response to -

  • Someone they love dies
  • Family changes
  • Separation and divorce
  • Friendship changes
  • Illness impacts their life
  • Relocation
  • Moving school or house
  • Natural disasters

Seasons for Growth is available through Catholic Social Services.
For information, please contact:
Jess Ferroni (Trainer/Coordinator)
021 374 405 

Programs available:

  • Adult small group program: peer support program in 6-8 consecutive sessions
  • Adult seminar: 2.5 hr workshop
  • Adult parent program: For parents supporting children through crisis.
  • Children and Young People’s program (ages 6-18): 8 sessions in agreement with schools and youth groups on application

Plans for 2023:


Adult small group program (tbc);

  • 6 consecutive Sunday afternoons in April/May
  • Weekend in August

Adult seminar;

  • 5 hour workshop for up to 20 participants on application

Adult parent program;

  • For parents supporting children through crisis

Children and Young People's program

  • 8 sessions in agreement with schools and youth groups on application


Companion Training:

  • TBC

How does it work?

Trained adult ‘Companions’ facilitate the small group program in between four to eight sessions. According to safeguarding procedures, companions need endorsement by an agency, school or parish. They attend a two-day training course with an accredited trainer and receive subsequent supervision and accreditation to deliver the program.


“Having other people with the same problem to talk to has really helped” (participant, 12 yrs)
“The Seasons for Growth training has helped me to realise the impact that change and loss can have on kids’ behaviour at school” (Teacher)
“It was such a relief to know I wasn’t going mad, I was grieving, and that that is normal.” (adult participant)
“I love the course! I think it will be excellent to enhance our students’ wellbeing.” (Learning Support Coordinator, training participants)

Getting involved

Seasons for Growth offers much satisfaction in “accompanying one other” (Call No 10, ADW Synod 2017) for participants and for companions and Catholic Social Services is looking for volunteers to help as Companions.

For further information, please refer to contact above.


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