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CSS and Greenstone Doors have been delivering Game On Men’s Parenting Couse since the end of 2021. Game On is part of a wider Men’s Wellness Programme.

Game On is an 8 week parenting course for Dads with 2 hour group sessions and some in between one-to-one help if it is required.

The course is Co-facilitated by two dads with a mixture of prepared content, role modelling and some group work. Courses are led by trained counsellors, social workers and facilitators from both organisations.

The men come from a range of contexts including men facing parenting apart, those parenting from emergency accommodation, men who have supervised contact with their children as well as men who simply want to be a better dad.

Our Men's Wellness Programme aims to provide them with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to navigate these challenges and become the best versions of themselves.

By offering culturally competent and inclusive programmes, we ensure that men from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultural contexts can participate. We recognize the critical role that fathers play in the lives of their children and the importance of supporting them in their parenting roles.

Feedback from the men:

·        Happier and have a respectful family.

·        If there is any change, it would be me, being able to engage more with my family and kids, in a positive way and I now enjoy it.

·        Talking nice to each other, not getting angry as much. Relax and just go with the flow.

·        I make time to spend it with my girl after work now.

·         My ex-partner just kept pushing me and pushing me this week …I felt she was deliberately trying to make me angry but I stayed out of the box and kept my cool…I didn’t go into the box

·        I get it…my ex-partner doesn’t see things the way I do and I have tried to make her do things like I would do it…that doesn’t work for her


Donations to support this mahi can be made online here.



Game On Men’s Parenting Programme

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