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Jess is a warm, bubbly and highly professional addition to our team who comes from the education sector specializing in Trauma Informed work. Jess hit the ground running this year, getting her own training completed so she could begin offering companion training for tamariki, Rangatahi and adults. Not only has Jess run companioning in some of our schools, Jess has also trained 25 companions to facilitate both the Young Person’s program and the Adult program.

Excitingly, amongst these 26 companions we have five different ethnicities represented: New Zealand European, Māori, Tongan, Samoan and Tokelauan. We also now have a companion who is Deaf and can provide this program to the Deaf community as well.

The Young People’s programme aligns with World Health Organisation’s advice for robust mental health curriculum in schools. A large majority of the work at the beginning of this year involved visiting schools in the Archdiocese of Wellington region promoting the Seasons for Growth program.

With the release of Te Oati – A Bicultural Dimension for Companions of the Seasons for Growth Children and Young Person’s Programme, this has been a key focus when promoting the Seasons for Growth program. This incredible resource was developed by Māori companions in collaboration with Stand Tū Maia Children Services to empower Māori for delivery to their whānau and communities.

In addition to her other work Jess has run several reconnectors for current companions wanting to learn how to use Te Oati. This has generated a great deal of interest in the programme.

To see more photos and a video about Seasons for Growth visit our Appeal Page.

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Seasons for Growth in 2023

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