Refugee Resettlement in Wellington

Each year, 750 former refugees come to New Zealand under the refugee quota.Families arrive in New Zealand and stay in the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland for a 6 week orientation to the country. Families then move to their homes throughout New Zealand and are supported by a network of government. 


For more information please contact refugees@wn-catholicsocialservices.org.nz or phone 04-385-8642








"Be always ready to offer solidarity, to be steadfast in your closeness to others, determined in awakening joy and genuine in giving comfort."

Pope Francis, 2016




"The spirit of voluntary service...is the opposite of the spirit of self-interest and individualism that are characteristics of our society, because the volunteer works to assist others and to enhance the common good."<>

New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference: Honouring volunteers, 2001

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